Japanese Sophora Bud Super Nutrient 21 Super Foods in Jiaogulan Tonic

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In this new blog post we look at the Japanese Sophora Bud. The Japanese Sophora Bud comes from the Japanese Pagoda Tree or Chinese Scholar Tree and is A native of China. This medium sized tree grows to 65 feet in height, usually with a broad round crown.
The Japanese Sophora Bud is considered a nutritional powerhouse and one of the 21 super fruits – foods – herbs in the Freelife Jule of the Orient Jiaogulan tonic.
Japanese Sophora Bud
It has been introduced into Japan where you see it planted around Buddhist temples because of its showy flowers. It has also become quite popular with landscapers in many parts of the United States, especially in the South. The very distinctive fruits grow in long yellowish pods, which have the appearance of a short string of pearls.

The Japanese Sophora Bud is considered the world’s richest source of the flavonoid quercetin, a powerful antioxidant. This is because it is very rich in rutin which is converted to quercetin in the body.

Rutin is a member of the flavonoid family of plant chemicals, which have been credited with a wide range of health-promoting advantages.
Rutin is a combination of just two chemicals, quercetin and rutinose, and it is found in many plants, also including buckwheat, tea and apples. Both quercetin and rutinose are strong antioxidants which are effective against inflammation, and protect against cell damage and blood circulation problems largely because if its powerful antioxidant properties.

Rutin works well together with vitamin C.

An additional benefit of rutin is that it helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels in your blood, resulting in better circulation. It also supports the immune system.

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