Schisandra Berry 1 SuperFruit of 21 Super Foods in Jiaogulan Tonic

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In this new blog post we look at the Schisandra Berry. The Schisandra Berry comes from a woody vine native to forests of Northern China and the Russian Far East. Its berries have been used for many years in Traditional Chinese Medicine and it is considered one of the most important berries to Chinese herbalists.
The Schisandra Berry is considered a nutritional powerhouse and one of the 21 super fruits – foods – herbs in the Freelife Jule of the Orient Jiaogulan tonic.
Schisandra berry
Its name in Chinese comes from the little known but interesting fact that its berries possess all five basic flavors: salty, sweet, sour, pungent (spicy), and bitter.

The Schisandra Berry is typically used as a tonic and an adaptogen plus it provides healthful benefits to the liver, lungs, blood, and kidneys..

This valuable berry contains Vitamins A, C and E along with compounds called lignans. The large amount of lignans found in schisandra berries are beneficial for liver support as well as for strengthening the immune system. Lignans basically help enzymes in the liver produce antioxidants in large amounts.

Schisandra berries function as an adaptogen similar to ginseng, though not as potent. They help reduce fatigue and increase body energy as well as being beneficial for the digestive system. They also possess anti-inflammatory properties.

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