Luo Han Guo Fruit 1 SuperFruit of 21 Super Foods in Jiaogulan Tonic

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In this new blog post we look at the Luo Han Guo Fruit. The Luo Han Guo is a perennial vine native to southern China and Northern Thailand and best known for its fruit. It is considered a nutritional powerhouse and one of the 21 super fruits – foods – herbs in the Freelife Jule of the Orient Jiaogulan tonic.
luo han guo fruit
The Luo Han Guo Fruit like the goji berry is one of several that have been called the longevity fruit.

The vine of the Luo Han Guo grows to 9 to 16 feet long, climbing over other plants by means of tendrils which twine round anything they touch. The narrow, heart-shaped leaves are 4- 8 inches long. The fruit is round, almost 3 inches in diameter, and contains a sweet, fleshy, edible pulp and many seeds.
The Luo Han Guo plant is rarely found in the wild today as it has been cultivated for hundreds of years in China’s mountainous regions.

The main health benefits of the luo han guo come mainly from the mogrosides, a group of Triterpene-Glycosides which function as a unique and special antioxidant. These mogrosides, are also what gives the Luo Han Guo its very sweet flavor.

The Luo Han Guo fruit extract is nearly 300 times sweeter than sugar and has been used as a natural sweetener in China for nearly a thousand years due mainly to its flavor.

Luo Han Guo is mainly used in traditional Chinese medicine and as a sweetener. It is also reported to aid in longevity.

The Luo Han Guo fruit promotes respiratory health, enhances immune function, and promotes health and vitality.

There are no negative side effects associated with taking the Luo Han Guo fruit.

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