Codonopsis Root 1 Super Herb of 21 Super Foods in Jiaogulan Tonic

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In this new blog post we look at the Codonopsis Root an herbal nutritional powerhouse and one of the 21 super fruits – foods – herbs in the Freelife Jule of the Orient Jiaogulan tonic.
codonopsis root
Codonopsis is a twining perennial. It is native to Asia and China, but also cultivated worldwide. The long, sweet root is used extensively in herbal medicine. The Chinese name for codonopsis is tang shen, other common names include bastard ginseng and bonnet bellflower.

Codonopsis is a relatively inexpensive herb that is quite often substituted for Panax ginseng in herbal tonics. It has a similar action as ginseng only not as strong. Thus it gets the name the “poor man’s ginseng” as it has often been used as a ginseng substitute in herbal formulas when ginseng was too expensive or not available.

Thus codonopsis root is often used by poorer Chinese patients, however, its relatively low cost does not diminish it’s place as one of the more important Chinese herbal medicines.

Codonopsis is typically used to supply increased energy in Chinese and Japanese herbal medicine. It is also known to provide healthy support to the digestive, respiratory, and immune systems.

It can also help improve metabolism and provide healthy blood pressure support. It also functions as an adaptogen.

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