Bilberry Fruit 1 SuperFruit of 21 Super Foods in Jiaogulan Tonic

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In this new blog post we look at the bilberry an absolute nutritional powerhouse and one of the 21 super fruits – foods in the Freelife Jule of the Orient Jiaogulan tonic.
bilberry fruit
Few plants are as beneficial for the health of human beings as Bilberry. Bilberries are the low growing shrubs that bear fruit. It is related to cranberries and blueberries. Bilberry is a perennial, ornamental shrub that is commonly found in various climates in damp woodlands and moorlands. In the United States they are often called huckleberries.

The bilberry gained fame during World War II as an aid to help pilots. British Royal Air Force pilots ate Bilberry preserves before night missions as an aid to night vision. It works by helping the eyes better adjust to quick change in light. Bilberry works by improving the microcirculation and regeneration of retinal purple, a substance required for good eyesight.

Bilberry has long been recommended for poor vision and “night blindness.” Clinical tests confirm that given orally it improves visual accuracy in healthy people.

Bilberry supports heart health by improving blood circulation as well as supporting the health of arteries. Moreover Bilberry contains many antiseptic properties as well.

The bilberry is a strong antioxidant that keeps capillary walls strong and flexible. It also helps to maintain the flexibility of the walls of red blood cells, which allows them to pass through the capillaries better. Bilberry contains anthocyanidins and phytochemicals which support healthy blood pressure, and enhance blood supply to the nervous system. Studies indicate that anthocyanidins can provide up to 50 times the antioxidant protection of vitamin E and 10 times the protection of vitamin C. In addition, bilberry supports and strengthens collagen structures, assists with the body’s normal response to inflammation, and has anti-aging properties.

Bilberry’s fruit contains flavonoids, Vitamins A and C, providing antioxidant protection which can help prevent free radical damage to the eyes. Vitamin A is required for sharp vision, while Vitamin C helps form collagen and is needed for growth and repair of tissue cells and blood vessels.

Anthocyanosides support and protect collagen structures in the blood vessels of the eyes, assuring strong, healthy capillaries that carry vital nutrients to eye muscles and nerves.

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