Rhodiola Root One of the Jiaogulan Tonic 21 Supernutrients

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Rhodiola root is just one of the 21 amazing supernutrients in Jule of the Orient. The amazing Jiaogulan herbal tonic. Here is some interesting information about this amazing plant rhodiola. It is sometime referred to as rhodiola rosea or golden root. Those famous 100-year-old Russian farmers featured in National Geographic credited Rhodiola root for their longevity.
rhodolia root plant
Rhodiola is a perennial plant that grows in the high altitudes of the northernmost reaches of Russia, China, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Tibet. It bears spikes of blue-green leaves bearing a single yellow flower that blooms during the brief arctic summer. Like the better known siberian ginseng or eleuthero root, rhodiola is an adaptogen, enabling the body to maintain physiological balance during times of physical or mental stress. Jiaogulan and goji (Gochi) incidentally are two of the most potent adaptogens known.

In one study (from March 2003) 161 cadets, ages 19 to 21 years, were randomized to receive either a single dose of standardized rhodiola extract, a single dose that was 50% stronger than the standardized dose, or placebo. Researchers found that the cadets who received rhodiola extract showed significant lowering of fatigue as measured by an antifatigue index compared to those on placebo.

Rhodiola also seems to improve healthy brain function! In an open study of 27 healthy students, physicians, and scientists, researchers reported that Rhodiola root improved the amount and quality of work and very significantly decreased the percent of errors made. Performance levels soared!

In an open study of 128 patients aged 17-55, research suggested that Rhodiola could alleviate occasional bouts of fatigue, irritability and distractibility.

The Russians think so highly of rhodiola root that they are giving it to their Olympic champions and also their cosmonauts to protect them from the incredible stresses of life in outer space.

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