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Learn What To Look For On Vitamin & Supplement Labels

Help yourself to make better decisions about your health by learning how to read and understand the labels on your vitamins and supplements. Our labels contain comprehensive information about the product's ingredients and how they work. Our supplements are all-natural and contain the research recommended amounts of nutrients, making them the most effective they can be. Once you know how to read our labels, you will realize that our products stand apart from the rest when it comes to achieving optimum health.

Here's a quick and easy guide to what the information on a vitamin or supplement label is really saying…

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Supplement Facts: The panel that lists and organizes by quantity, all of nutrients and relative information about the product.

Serving Size: The amount to be taken per serving, multiple daily servings may be suggested.

Vita-Coat™: exclusive antioxidant protective caplet coating system for easy swallowing and freshness.

Servings Per Container: The number of servings contained in the package.

Amount Per Serving: The amount of each nutrient, per serving, in the product.

% DV: The Daily Values (DV), formerly RDAs, which the FDA has established for the nutrient.

Vitamin "A": A particular nutrient found in the product. The form of the nutrient is noted in parentheses, some nutrients may have more than one form. The source of the ingredient may also be listed in parentheses after some nutrients.

Vitamin "E"*: Look for natural Vitamin E in your supplements. Natural means that the Vitamin E is derived from soybeans and contains a whole spectrum of highly antioxidant tocopherols.

Lactospore® % DV: The * denotes that the %DV is not established for this nutrient, these nutrients are separated from those with a %DV.

Red grape skin standardized extract: Standardized refers to guaranteed uniformity in the quality, content, chemical profile and activity of the beneficial compounds.

UltraSoy Delivery System™: unique herbal blend ensures maximum nutrient availability.

Proprietary Herbal Base Blend: unique blend of nutrients that enhances nutritional value of the supplement.

Other ingredients: Other nutrients used in manufacturing are listed here.

*It is important to make sure your vitamin E is natural. Natural Vitamin E is d-alpha tocopherol. Synthetic Vitamin E is dl-alpha tocopherol. d denotes natural and dl denotes synthetic. If the label says the formula contains both, you can be sure that most of it is synthetic because natural Vitamin E is both expensive and in short supply. ... has contracted for adequate supplies of this scarce and precious resource. When you purchase our products that contain natural Vitamin E you can be assured you are getting 100% natural Vitamin E.


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