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Jiaogulan Tonic a Premier Jiaogulan Tonic

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, individual herbs are rarely used alone. Check out these 21 synergistic Chinese herbs and phytonutrient-rich superfoods. Each superfood has a unique ability to dramatically enhance the powerful antioxidant and body-balancing adaptogenic properties of jiaogulan.

Check out the Health Benefits of these 21 Superfruits?

Jiaogulan. The immortality herb is considered as the premier adaptogen to balance body systems and enhance energy production.†

Goji Berry Super Fruit. Contains glycoproteins called Lycium barbarum polysaccharides with wide-ranging benefits for human health.

Goji Berry Super Fruit

Açai Berry Super Fruit. This super fruit is a very high antioxidant capacity and possesses a wide nutrient spectrum.†

Açai Berry Super Fruit
Japanese Sophora Bud. The world's richest source of the flavonoid quercetin, a powerful antioxidant.†

Amalaki Super Fruit. The centerpiece of many traditional Ayurvedic formulations; exerts natural prodigestive properties.†

Amalaki Super Fruit

Aronia Berry Super Food. One of the highest reported antioxidant scores on ORAC scale.†

Aronia Berry Super fruit Food

Astragalus Root. A staple of Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve immunity.†

Camu-Camu Fruit. Contains more natural Vitamin C than any other known botanical.

Camu-Camu super fruit

Cranberry. Promotes healthy urinary tract function.†

Cranberry super food

Elderberry Fruit. Rich in flavonoids and other compounds to support immune function.†

Elderberry super Fruit
Ginger Root. Promotes healthy digestive function and may support healthy blood and vascular health.†

Jujube Super Fruit. One of the world's oldest fruits; used in Chinese medicine as tonic for 4,000 years.

Jujube Super Fruit

Luo Han Guo Fruit. Contains unique antioxidants that support healthy immunity.†

Luo Han Guo Super Fruit

Pomegranate SuperFruit. Hundreds of studies validate its health-promoting effects.

Pomegranate SuperFruit super food

Rhodiola Root. Used traditionally in Tibet, northern China, and Eastern Europe as an adaptogenic tonic.

Blueberry. May protect the heart, brain, and vascular system against free-radical damage.†

Blueberry super fruit

Lychee Fruit. High in nutrients, especially Vitamin C; supports gastrointestinal health.†

Lychee Fruit super food

Schisandra Berry. Promotes energy, supports liver and kidneys, and supports a healthy heart and central nervous system.†

Schisandra Berry super food

Bilberry. Contains powerful antioxidants to protect eyes, brain, and other organs.†

Bilberry Super Fruit

Longan Fruit. Contains several compounds, including ellagic acid, that bestow antioxidant and cellprotective effects.†

Longan Fruit super food

Codonopsis Root. One of the most widely used Chinese tonic herbs; supports digestive, respiratory, and immune health.†

Cherry Juice Super Fruit. Contains 17 antioxidants; may help with joint discomfort.†

Cherry Juice Super Fruit

What is a Tonic - A liquid preparation of herbs and nutrients formulated to promote a long, healthy, and vibrant life.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a tonic has a protective, balancing, and energizing quality that benefits one's entire well-being and creates “radiant health.” Jiaogulan is considered the premier balancing herb in all of TCM. A good Jiaogulan Tonic, should consist of juices pressed from the leaf, stem, and root.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, individual herbs are rarely used alone. This a good Tonic blends Chinese herbs and phytonutrient-rich superfoods together to create a synergistic effect that is far greater than would be obtained by taking each of these supernutrients separately.

So what is jiaogulan?

Jiaogulan is a member of same family as cucumbers, melons, and gourds. It grows in five-leaf clusters, hence its botanical name, Gynostemma pentaphyllum. Jiaogulan has a long history of use in China, but is just now gaining popularity worldwide because of new scientific research supporting a wide range of health benefits that may very well eclipse that of any plant yet discovered. In its native home in southern China, jiaogulan is so revered that it is called xiancao (“herb of immortality”).

Jiaogulan's broad spectrum of biological effects can be explained by its status as a potent adaptogen. This rare class of herbs has the ability to bring balance to the body under a wide range of stressful circumstances.† Adaptogens also enhance the body's ability to defend itself by improving immunity and increasing energy, stamina, and endurance.† The chemical constituents responsible for the balancing effects of adaptogens are called saponins, and these exist in many forms. It is believed that the adaptogenic power of an herb is directly proportional to its content and variety of saponins. With 28 saponins, Panax ginseng is renowned as an adaptogen. But jiaogulan contains more than 100 health-giving saponins, which experts proclaim to be more than any other plant in nature. These include powerful gypenoside saponins that are not found in any other species.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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