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Jiaogulan plant What is Jiaogulan?

Learn here all about nature's finest treasure.

Jiaogulan is an herb that is related to gourds, cucumbers, and melons. It is cultivated in many countries throughout Asia, especially in the lush foothills of China where growing conditions are ideal. In these regions it has experienced an extremely long history of use, and has been celebrated by locals for its many wonderful benefits in the human body. Jiaogulan has been so revered by those who consume it that it has earned the prestigious title xiancao, meaning “Herb of Immortality.”

Recently, scientific interest in the plant has led to studies observing its potent health benefits. Over 300 scientific papers have been published documenting its amazingly positive effects in the human body, and leading experts believe that its wide range of health benefits will greatly exceed that of any plant to have ever been discovered!

Just what are these amazing health benefits? So far, Jiaogulan has been shown to:

  • Maintain and support the normal, healthy functioning of the immune system
  • Combat the damaging effects of aging
  • Boost mental and physical energy levels
  • Provide complete adaptogenic support to maintain the body's natural balance
  • Act as a powerful antioxidant inside the human body

Jiaogulan's ability to deliver so many wonderful benefits to the human body is explained by the fact that it is one of the most powerful adaptogens ever discovered. Adaptogens are herbs that have the innate ability to bring a healthy balance to the body because of their super-nutrient status. In addition to bringing nutritional peace to the body, adaptogens increase energy levels, stamina, endurance, and help the body protect itself by improving immunity.

These herbs are highly valued and extremely rare, and leading scientists believe that Jiaogulan may be the most powerful adaptogen ever discovered. The chemical responsible for most of the benefits of adaptogens are called saponins, and the amount of saponins a plant contains directly effects its power as an adaptogen. To put things in perspective, Panax ginseng – one of the most potent adaptogens in existence today – contains 28 saponins. Jiaogulan, however, contains over 100! This is more than three times the amount in Panax ginseng, and leading research proclaims it to be more than any other plant in nature.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Health-Goji-Juice.Com Featuring
Weight Loss, Jiaogulan, Goji Juice Health and Nutrition Drink

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