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Home Based Business with TAIslim, GoChi Goji Juice & Jule of the Orient

#1 Internet Home Business Opportunity Jule of the Orient TAIslim

November 9th, 2009

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In this blog post I attempt to show you why Freelife right now is the Number 1 network marketing home business opportunity.
You are awesome - you are a superstar waiting to blossom in this home business. If you’ve been looking anytime at all on the internet you’re probably confused by all the different claims, products and companies being marketed today. How do you know what product or company to market? My desire is to provide you some clarity in that regard to help you make some good decisions.

First I want to help you become successful like myself, without having to go through all the many countless hours it took me of trial and error to learn how to build a successful network marketing business. Here is a picture of my new home on the 14th tee of an exclusive golf community Northeast of Atlanta, Georgia.

First let me say that the biggest thing that attracts people to network marketing is the idea of true walk away residual income. You take the time and effort to build it once and it keeps on paying you month after month for many many years.

So before I explain to you some of the steps necessary to get to that point you must understand the glue that holds that business together. Without the glue your residual income will slip away like water through a sieve. Does that make sense? There are actually three types of glue that can hold a business together.

The first is you through the strength of your personality, continuing to interact with your people on an ongoing basis. Obviously this takes work on your part, however it’s something I highly recommend you do. It just makes good sense.
Natures Greatest Treasure Jule of the Orient
The second type of glue is the product. Quite frankly the product has been at the heart of my business success for over 14 years. Let me ask you a question, have you ever known something was true but not thought about why is was true? That was me about the following statement for many years. Statement: Would you not agree that with each additional variable necessary for success to occur in your business the lesser your chances of success. And by decreasing the number of factors or variables required for success the greater your chance of success.

That is why the strength of your product is not only the Number 1 factor for helping you build your business, but also to keep residual income coming into your business.

The third type of glue is the company making the product.
Are they ethical, mission driven, will they be in business to pay you 20 years from now?

Would you not agree with the following statement:
Obviously the integrity and management skills of the company are vital but still the number 1 glue factor for not only building your business but holding your business together is the product.
A superior product that solves human desires like feeling better, less stress, younger looking (more attractive to the opposite sex), more energy, better love life will keep people coming back over and over again to buy the product.

The product and or products is the one variable in your business that doesn’t change. It is constant.
Your other main variables responsible for determining success in your network marketing business are the company, the people you recruit and your ability to generate leads.

Let’s take these variables one at a time.
The Company- Once you make sure the company is solid this is pretty much going to be a constant.
The people you recruit - ah this is the big variable, because everyone’s different, some people are lazy others aren’t. The more this people variable factors into your success your chance of success decreases, because there are so many people variables.
The ability to generate leads - very important but still secondary in importance to your product.

So your product is the number 1 critical ingredient in your business.
It’s what produces results or lack of results, excitement or lack of excitement, the ability to motivate people or not motivate people to do something. Question do you want to be marketing product B if everyone wants product A?
Without going into detail here the best products are the ones that can be felt and shown to produce results in studies. Not because they have a gimmick. I will talk more about gimmicks in another discussion.

The other big factor I’ve yet to discuss is timing -would you or would you not agree with the following statement: If you want to create the life changing incomes people dream about it won’t matter that you’re marketing the right product if you’re late to the dance.
I’ll be frank - timing has been the biggest part of my home business success.

So here’s why I believe based on my almost 15 years network and internet marketing experience that what we have with Freelife is the #1 Home Based Network Marketing Business.

TAIslim Weight Loss
First TAIslim - quite frankly this is the best weight loss product I’ve seen in over 14 years marketing nutritional products. The best product is this huge industry and virtually no one knows about it.

Second Jule of the Orient (Jiaogulan Tonic)- This is an even bigger reason than TAIslim - something even bigger than the best weight loss product? You heard me yes. This Jule of the Orient product is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It makes you feel great in a number of different ways including your love life. There are no gimmicks with this product, simply over 54 health benefits documented in over 300 studies. And…
It’s the first product in a new category - it’s not a juice - it’s a health tonic and it can’t be copied - it has patents pending on how it’s made.
Because it works so well I believe it will have the highest reorder rate of any nutritional product that exists today.
Timing - Jule of the Orient has only been available since 9-18-09. Virtually no one knows about it. Here’s the thing, this product will eventually be featured on Oprah and receive all kinds of 3rd party press. When that happens it will get real hot real fast. Even people that have a lucrative internet business already will want to take this product, it’s simply that good.

Finally prospects and leads - the ability to help your organization generate prospects and leads outside their warm market plays a very critical role in home business success. Although I have seen products so good the business thrived without a significant program in place to help an organization generate prospects outside their warm market. That’s what excites me so much about about Jule of the Orient. As good as those products were that created a huge business without a significant program in place to help an organization generate prospects outside their warm market, they can’t touch Jule of the Orient. It is simply more effective in more health areas.

That being said we’re going to show you how to generate leads from the internet using a variety of different ways. Such as:
Using the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Using webpages and SEO (I’ve been doing this for 14 years)
Using Blogs and other sites

When all is said and done you will have a rock solid lucrative income that should last for many, many years due to the strength of these two products. Oh something else, you also have in your marketing bag with this business a number of other best or near best in class products. With many companies or businesses you might have 1 main and a couple minor products at best. That’s why I say with Freelife you have the #1 Home Based Network Marketing business available today “No Brag Just Fact!”

Largely because of the timing of the Brand New Jule of the Orient and TAIslim weight loss products.
In addition though you have the following super arsenal of products at your disposal.
GoChi Goji Juice - Still the original, best and most potent goji juice on the market today.
CHI3 Energy Drink - Probably the best healthy energy drink on the market today.
Daily Edge Anti-aging multi-vitamin product - best product on the market for this low a price.
Reverse Anti-aging multi-vitamin product - the most comprehensive anti-aging product at any price. This would be the flag ship product for many companies.
Prostamate Prostate Formula - checkout the ingredients - one of the very best prostate products on the market.
FiberMax Fiber Product - once again checkout the ingredients - one of the very fiber products on the market.
Golesstrol Cholesterol Product - Win the battle against unhealthy cholesterol.
Pure Confidence Natural Deodorant - This ain’t a major product but its the best healthy deodorant product I’ve ever used.
Plus many more health and nutrition products for women, children and men.

Click Here to Contact us For more Information!
Or call us at 1-206-666-1774 (Leave a message)

New Product Jule of the Orient Creates Number 1 Home Business

October 13th, 2009

What’s even better than hot? Often we say, wow that’s a hot product or a hot opportunity, or hot home business. Well hot is certainly better than ice cold, or stagnant, or dead in the water when it comes to a home business opportunity. However…

However, hot is never as good as soon to be hot. Hot means enough people have already found out or discover a product or business to make it hot. Sure that business or product may get much hotter as in the case of Himalayan Goji Juice. I found about Himalayan Goji Juice when it first got hot and as a result I was able to make a strong 6-figure income.

However, there were people who got involved with Himalayan Goji Juice before it got hot and they turned that into a 7-figure income.

As a 15 year veteran of this industry with an engineering background I consider myself pretty well qualified to accurately analyze a product and home business opportunity when I see it. Here’s while I’m excited and while you should be extremely excited if you are a person of vision. I mention that because in my 15 years experience of success I’ve come to notice most people are not visionary. They wait until they see a product or opportunity become hot before before they act and that usually costs them dearly. Of course I realize it takes experience to accurately gauge an opportunity so I can’t totally blame them.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not advocating jumping at every “ground floor opportunity”. I’ve also seen a number of people like this in this industry who jump at every ground floor opportunity that comes down the road. This is a recipe for failure as statistically the vast majority of startups fail.

So here’s what’s even much better than hot, something that will soon be hot.

Anyway a new product came out and started shipping less than a month ago. And as a side note it will be much bigger and hotter than Himalayan Goji GoChi Juice (it’s a flat out much better product and that’s saying a lot). The key is this product is not hot yet. So the ground floor opportunity to market this product still exists. I think most people will agree with that statement. However, the real ground floor opportunity only exists if the product actually becomes hot.

Well here my friend is why this new Jule of the Orient is as close to a sure thing at becoming hot as any product ever in this industry.

Read the following blog Posts for more on the Scientific Evidence behind this product, but in a nutshell it’s simply the best nutrition-health product to ever be released in the home business industry and because of how it works I firmly believe it will have the highest reorder rate of any product in this industry.

Jule of the Orient Jiaogulan Antioxidant Protection

Scientific Studies Jule of the Orient Jiaogulan - Miracle Herb

Jewel Jule of the Orient Jiaogulan Enhances Immunity

Jiaogulan Immortality Herb Tonic Jule of the Orient

Freelife Jule of the Orient Jiaogulan Tonic

More information on the new Freelife Jule of the Orient Jiaogulan Tonic.

I have created a new home business page to show you how you can take part in a big way in marketing this product. If interested go the following webpage:

Jule of the Orient Jiaogulan Home Business Opportunity - Click Here!

Or call us at 1-206-666-1774 if you are interested - Leave your contact information and we will et back to you shortly.

Shocking the Worldwide MLM Nutrition and Wellness Industry

August 11th, 2009

I have a Question for You? -What Would You Do If You Knew A Product Was About To Be Launched That Would Absolutely Be So Powerful, So Unique, And Supported By Such Extensive Major Science That It Would Shock The Worldwide MLM Nutrition and Wellness Industry?

In fact its time to get those dreams back out of the closet and dust them off, because now they have a real shot at coming true!

…If you, in fact, had the information before anyone else knew what was going on then you would start telling other people wouldn’t you?

I have a webpage link for you below, which I believe has some of the most important information for your health and financial future.
Please don’t simply blow this off as just another one of those gimmick products hoping to capitalize on marketing and hype. Sure those products have health benefits but nothing like what is coming next month.

But before you go to that webpage and watch the video it’s vital you read the following:

Guys and gals I’ve been working 14 years in this industry for this very moment, if you’ve ever dreamed of being a part of something truly special head my advice.

And here’s why you really need to pay very close attention to what I have to say below:

You are about to be given a very powerful racecar in this new product. In fact this is the most powerful nutritional product of a racecar that’s ever been built. Capable of blowing the doors off the competition. It can help you achieve anything you’ve ever dreamed of. What’s really important is that you understand it’s not enough to just be given the keys to this racecar. We can’t achieve our goals and win the race if we’re not taught how to race it and if we don’t have the pit crew in place to keep us on the track.

What you have to understand it that our system is like the driving instructor and the pit crew and it will make all the difference in you finally sitting in Victory Lane surrounded by the winners prize. And guess what this prize is of your choosing, a new house, or car, or vacation home, more time to spend with your family. Or even all of the above.

That’s what is so different about this opportunity. Not only do we have the opportunity of a lifetime with the launch of this new product, but also a system that works for the little guy also. This is not like some systems in the past where the big guys made some ridiculous incomes but most people (even the ones who worked real hard) made only a few hundred dollars in crumbs.

I honestly believe even the new guy, the little guy can make a life changing income. Because, not only do they have the Racecar to do it in they a system that will work for them.

Please read this webpage for additional information on this incredible new product and system: - Click Here!

Short 4 minute Video of TAIslim Weight Loss Before and After pictures and Success Stories - Click here!

New Freelife TAIslim Weight Loss Product - Click Here!

Guns of Will Sonnett Superman Conviction and Home Business Success

August 3rd, 2009

This is a true event of what happened to me several days ago. I received an email the other day from an acquaintance saying they were going to start promoting this relatively new nutritional product called Seven.
This is because they were saying how much it had helped her brother’s health. I wrote her back and sent her information on my new home business system. I didn’t dispute that the product helped her brother, I’m sure it did.

The point is this, I can’t begin to tell you how many similar stories I have heard about numerous other nutritional products helping people with their health. I think this is largely because many people have health issues because of poor nutrition, so when they take one of the many good quality products on the market they tend to get remarkable results.

Obviously, however some products are superior to others. And there are ways to even prove that like clinical studies.
However, that’s not the purpose of what I want to discuss.

I’ve been marketing nutritional products for 14 years and quite frankly I can say with total conviction that there are no better nutritional products then the top 10 or so Freelife products. That fact is still basically irrelevant to what I want to talk about here.

I’m actually writing this for people who have the vision, desire and belief they can make $1000’s of dollars a month.

There was an old TV show which ran from 1967 –1969 titled the Guns of Will Sonnett starring Walter Brennan. It was actually a pretty good show. Anyway there was a famous line from the show Walter Brennan used to say, in regards to his gunslinger ability, “I’m the best in the West – No Brag Just Fact!”

What a great confident line of total conviction. In the home business arena if you really want to make a good income it is absolutely vital you show total conviction towards your product and business.

Picture the following: Picture three wrestlers locked in combat. One of the wrestlers is named Conviction.
Actually Conviction is fighting the other two wrestlers. One of, which is named Unbelief and the other, is named Rejection. A person starting out in a home business is just like Conviction. This new person faces two main opponents or obstacles they must overcome in order to be victorious and successful in their home business.

The first of these like the wrestler above is named Unbelief. This is like the alter ego of Conviction, the greater Unbelief grows the weaker Conviction becomes. The other opponent is named Rejection.

When Conviction gets stronger it’s able to defeat Unbelief and Rejection. However, when you stop feeding Conviction, Conviction gets weaker and Unbelief gets stronger. Now a weak Conviction is not able to overcome Unbelief and Rejection.

Back to what Walter Brennan said in The Guns of Will Sonnett, “No Brag Just Fact!”

With my home business program you will have the biggest, baddest Superman Conviction character. Easily able to overcome Unbelief and Rejection. No Brag Just Fact! (Complements of Walter Brennan and The Guns of Will Sonnett)

I’ve seen what Conviction can do when it grows so big its easily able to defeat its adversary Rejection. Large and very profitable businesses are built.

If you’d like a Conviction Superman System working for you click on the Janitor Jim link below to contact me for more information.

New TAISlim Janitor Jim Home Based Business System Brings Targeted Prospects to You - Click Here!

Short 4 minute Video of TAIslim Weight Loss Before and After pictures and Success Stories - Click here!

New Freelife TAIslim Weight Loss Product - Click Here!

The TAIslim Janitor Jim System for Unprecedented Home Business Success

July 15th, 2009

If you’re looking to start a home business which of these people are you:

The home businessperson just looking to make some additional extra income of perhaps $500 per month.
Are you the guy looking to quit his job and be able to earn a full time income at home.
Are you the guy with big dreams wanting to make life style changing income.

No matter which one of these people are you the Janitor Jim Home business system is for you.

I want you to picture the following scenario.

1890’s Train Station - Original Art by Grace Sapp

It’s 1890 and you’re wanting to start a business. The goal of your business is to take a product and get acceptance and popularity for it in a small town. Then take that popularity and take the product to a new and bigger town telling people how well it worked in the previous town. Then move on and take it to a bigger city in the State and do the same thing. And then take it to the next State, and next State and then eventually across the entire country.

Wow, imagine the business you would have. You would undoubtedly be one of the richest men or women in the country and you would benefit a lot of people in the process.

However, it’s 1890 and very few homes have a telephone, the radio, TV and the internet haven’t yet been invented.

Fortunately we’re not in 1890, we have the internet, which is the most powerful medium ever invented.
With the internet we have the ability to reach select individuals in various towns and cities throughout the country and even the world. Heck, I’ve been very successfully doing this since 1995.

The Flaw in the Traditional Prospecting System

The problem I’ve had and really virtually everyone using the internet has had since it’s invention is this.
We’ve been able to find individuals in various communities through out the country, however once we find a representative or agent in a community the system greatly falls down in it’s ability to then spread the product and business like a virus in that community.

The reason for this is the system breaks down. Too much depends on the agent – rep contacting numerous people in his area. Typically this new agent – rep makes a list of contacts (friends and family) then contacts a few people on the list. They for the most part tell him they’re not interested and the new rep basically gives up and the business in that area stops growing.

The problem with this is the distribution method. Once the system gets into the local community it relies on a very unreliable resource. That resource is the individual rep and his desire to contact the people on his list. (Now don’t get me wrong I’m not totally condemning the local rep. They’re working with a flawed distribution model.)

Here is where it all breaks down. Sure the new rep is motivated at first but soon as he or she meets resistance they slow down and even eventually stop contacting people.

It’s like a vicious cycle, the reason people are rejecting the business offer is because what they really are rejecting is a flawed system. Which makes people more discouraged and you are left with what I just described in the previous paragraph.

Here is where the Janitor Jim Prospecting System steps and not only fixes this problem but also propels your business to new heights.

So what we do to remedy this situation is fix the distribution method. We will use the Internet as a model. Why does the internet work? Simple it basically sits like a billboard next to the side of the road, it works as long as people are driving by it. It attracts people and brings them into your business.

What we do is in effect place small billboards in a number of business locations.
We do this early on with the new distributor rep, while they are still excited. Once these small billboards are placed in the local community they go to work for us even if the distributor rep stops calling people on his list.

Plus now you have a model that not only excites the distributor rep, but also interests the people on his list he or she is contacting. Now these same people who previously weren’t interested in our previous distribution system are typically very interested. They see a system that works and they see an opportunity to make some real money and want to be a part of it.

Now we’re able to spread out into the community and quickly grow our business. And now we can easily take this model and do the same thing in another community.

I studied to be an engineer and worked as a technical person for over 20 years. It was my job to either figure out what was wrong with a device or system or to analyze if there were any inherent problems and if the proper requirements were being met.

Thus I believe I’m uniquely qualified to look at problems with systems and offer fixes.

The solution most home business marketers had to the problems associated with the traditional distribution model of making a list of friends and family and contacting them was always keep contacting more people.

I don’t know about you this seems really dumb, especially from an engineering standpoint. That’s the equivalent of designing a new computer for example and one particular part keeps failing and the solution the boss comes up with is just keep getting parts until you get one that works.

We would never do that in an engineering world, that’s too costly, we’ve got to figure out why that part is failing and come up with a fix.

In the home business world that attitude is especially cold and heartless. It’s basically saying there are throw away people. If one person don’t work throw them away and get a new one. I don’t believe anyone is a throwaway person. Everyone is special and that is why we’ve come up with a system (the Janitor Jim system) to help everyone including people who would have previously been discarded.

There is a reason I call this the Janitor Jim System – I worked as a janitor for 15 months many years ago. To a certain degree working as a janitor I felt discarded and like a second class citizen.

I have total confidence this system will change the way home businesses are conducted. And when you’re that confident you get real bold. I’m looking for people who want to be a part of something revolutionary.
A revolutionary system that brings local prospects to you and your people on a regular basis even when you’re not working. This concept will allow us to spread out and capture the business in a community.

Then I’ll show motivated individuals how to expand this to other communities.
Here is more on this home business prospect system.

New TAISlim Janitor Jim Home Based Business System Brings Targeted Prospects to You - Click Here!

Short 4 minute Video of TAIslim Weight Loss Before and After pictures and Success Stories - Click here!

New Freelife TAIslim Weight Loss Product - Click Here!

A Better Prospecting System Brings Home Business Success

July 5th, 2009

What am I doing I asked myself. Am I doing all I can to be of help to others?
I find myself more and more thinking the following:
Am I leaving a positive mark on others? Recently I’ve been thinking the following: When a person starts to hit middle age they often start thinking of their legacy and how they’re going to be remembered. (some in their 40’s, some 50’s other their 60’s) With some people it motivates them to accomplishing some great things. With others instead of acting on what remaining life they have they think about things they could have done.

The point is its almost never to late to leave your impression on the world. But attitude is key.
For most of us we go through life worrying what other’s may think, that they may think our idea is dumb. Most of us are our own worse enemy as we’re not laughed out of doing something by others, but instead we talk ourselves out of doing something because of what others might think.

Since others aren’t in a home business we worry about what they might think of us being in a home business.

Instead we should be thinking – okay I’ve started a home business – I’m going to be the very absolute best home business person in my community. The bottom line is regardless of whether it’s a home business or something else our attitude should be I’m going to be the best at it.

When we make this decision something magic almost happens. It’s like everything starts to fall in to place, everyday is like a new adventure. We have more joy in our life, we tend to be nicer to others. All of a sudden we’re in a position to make a big difference in the lives of so many other people. That my friend is a totally awesome feeling.

If your goal is to start a success home business that you need to take a look at the following videos and webpages I’ve prepared for you. Note: The videos are on the webpages shown below.

The webpages below explain further the revolutionary Janitor Jim home business marketing system.

However in a nutshell here’s what makes this system so successful:

It brings targeted prospects to the new marketer. Being able to attract strangers has been the number 1 factor in my success for almost 14 years.

The above leads to the following two big advantages.

1. Because the system works for you it allows you also to recruit those people who otherwise would never be interested. Like your family and friends.
2. The ability to attract other marketers from other companies who may be happy with their product but very unhappy with their ability to interest people in their business.

New TAISlim Home Based Business System Brings Targeted Prospects to You - Click Here!

Free Home Based Business Success Secrets with TAIslim Weight Loss Product - Click Here!

Short 4 minute Video of TAIslim Weight Loss Before and After pictures and Success Stories - Click here!

New Freelife TAIslim Weight Loss Product - Click Here!

A Better Home Business -the TAIslim Weight Loss Prospect System

June 20th, 2009

I would normally start this blog post off with a story (you know dashing Knight’s and beautiful princesses that need rescuing. Driving home today I heard the Queen classic (Somebody to Love) and it reminded me of the Ella Enchanted Movie. A great what I like to call fun movie - you can’t help but have fun watching it unless you’re perhaps an old fuddy duddy. Anyway no story today because after the video I link to a webpage where I tell my story of how I got started in a home business and what I have found to be the keys to success.

As great as TAIslim is as a weight loss product. And it’s virtually a ground floor opportunity with a non-startup company. However, something is becoming even more important than just a great opportunity and that is a great system. Of course combine a superior opportunity with a superior system and look out. You will be amazed by what you can accomplish.

Here is the webpage that I talked about at the end of the video that discusses this new TAISlim home business system. - Click Here!

My Home Business Story- Click Here!

Look at the 27 Reasons to Drink TAIslim for Weight Loss - Click Here!.

I think you’re going to be very impressed with what this TAIslim weight loss product can do.

Also you’ll want to check out the ultimate TAIslim Weight Loss Diet-Plan

More Taislim Information;

TAIslim Home Business Information

TAIslim and a Comparison of Home Based Business Opportunities

May 11th, 2009

Before I get started let me say the following and it may come as a shock to many of you. In reality the perfect home based business for you has as much do do with the people you’re working with as anything else. Sure things like timing, and comp plan and the products, etc are certainly very important, but that special mentor that makes you feel really special and encourages you to be the best you can be can play a huge role in your success.

My personal belief is you have special skills and talents, that can help you be very successful at building a home based business. Many people mistakenly think you must be an extrovert or talker in order to have success. You will see if we talk that a so called shy person can actually be more successful than the talker. It’s all in how you use your skills and that’s where we come in to help direct you.

That said though if you have the right combination, of products, comp plan, and timing and mentor you can create something quite exciting that can greatly exceed your expectations.

That said let’s visit the exciting advantages that sponsors/mentors being equal gives TAIslim and Freelife a huge advantage over the competition.

First Freelife has without a doubt the number 1 most effective weight loss product (TAIslim) on the market. You add the fact that it’s a ground floor opportunity with a sound not a start up company (the very best scenario you can have). You also add the fact that it has an unprecedented 90 day money back guarantee for a weight loss product. This all leads to one thing - very steep competition in the home business industry.

If I could market just one particular home business product area, there would be no question in my mind it would be weight loss (provided of course the product was effective). Simple potential customers and ME’s notice a person who’s lost weight. They typically don’t notice if your hemmoroids, or joint pain, etc is gone. Plus most people think more about looking good than taking
something for their health.

Second Freelife has a super juice product in GoChi that is the only product with actual clinical studies on the product itself. Also the only juice product with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Third Freelife has a healthy energy drink (Chi3) second to none. Also the only one with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Fourth Freelife has a state of the art anti-aging product - Reverse
- with powerful ingredients like Trans-Reveratrol. Also the only one with a 90 day money back guarantee. In fact the Reverse product would easily be a flagship product for almost all other nutrition companies.

Fifth Freelife has arguably the very best joint relief and support product in Acti-Flex - this product is incredible. Also the only one with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Sixth Freelife has perhaps the best Prostate support product in ProstaMate,

Seventh the best Fiber and colon cleansing Product, in Fiber Max - the best Children’s vitamin in DinoPals. Plus even more.

So here’s the bottom line from a product standpoint - Freelife is the only company I’m aware of in the Home
Business nutrition arena that has the combination of a huge business upside with this incredible array of best of class products.

You either have one of these two scenarios -

  1. You have the big mega established company like Herbalife, or Melalueca or Nuskin. Sound companies but very little upside opportunity.
  2. Or you have the new start up company with one or two products or even if it’s somewhat of an established company like Monavie or Xango they certainly don’t have the outstanding product selection of Freelife.

Comp Plan - Freelife has perhaps the best comp plan in the industry - top to bottom. With the highest payouts to the most people.

Ethical and honest owners and leadership. The Freelife leaders are not going to sell your dreams down the river for their own benefit.

Tools - with conference calls, websites the new GPS system and more - well they have you covered better than anyone with this much upside opportunity.

Look at the 27 Reasons to Drink TAIslim for Weight Loss - Click Here!.

I think you’re going to be very impressed with what this TAIslim weight loss product can do.

Also you’ll want to check out the ultimate TAIslim Weight Loss Diet-Plan

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TAIslim WeIght Loss Home Business - Check Out this Income

March 19th, 2009

The purpose of my message is to bring your attention to a new product and unprecedented business opportunity.

In my last post I spoke about the $52,400 increase in sales over the previous month, because of this incredible new TAIslim product. Actually due to a miscalculation I need to make a correction. Actually the increase in sales was only $51,600. I apologize for the error.

Just today I spoke with one of my distributors who was awakened by someone pounding on her door wanting to purchase this product.

I’ve been involved with and marketed some very hot products and have earned well over a million dollars marketing online, but this new product and opportunity has me more excited than ever. That increase in sales last month and again this month is at a time when many companies’ sales are down and people are being laid off in record numbers.
I’m extremely good at what I do but I’m not that good to create that kind of increase without an exceptional product and that’s great news for you.
I’m looking for some sharp people who would like to take advantage of an opportunity that can have people seeking you out. Plus you’ll be able to take advantage of my high level of expertise and superior support.
At this point in time you might be thinking why is this different or why is this any different than all the other so called home business opportunities. Great question well first is the timing of the opportunity as I just described. But more than that it’s our unique system of how we help you focus on what you want to accomplish and help you obtain it. Plus show you a lucrative system of how to get your business up and running and profitable within the first 30 60 days.

Here is what you would earn in Freelife marketing TAIslim with my help.

Your first goal upon signing up is to find 3 other people also interested in this great business opportunity. For doing this you would earn $160

Now our next step is get these 3 to do the same. For this you would earn $160 + $90 + $300 or $550. This would add 3 x 3 or 9 new people to your organization.

Now our goal working together is get those 9 people under those 3 to do the same For this you would earn $160 + $90 + $300 + $270 + $450 or a total now of $1270.

This would add 9 x 3 or another 27 new people to your organization.
Now our goal working together is get those 27 new people to do the same For this you would earn $160 + $90 + $300 + $270 + $450 + $810 + $600 + $1000 or a total now of $3680.

What I didn’t even include here are some additional bonuses going on for the next several months that could potentially add an additional $1000 or more to the above total.

I’ve been involved with home businesses for 14 years and have been very successful in building several successful businesses over the years. I understand through many years of trial and error how to help people succeed in a business even if they lack previous experience.

Look at the 27 Reasons to Drink TAIslim for Weight Loss - Click Here!.

I think you’re going to be very impressed with what this TAIslim weight loss product can do.

Also you’ll want to check out the ultimate TAIslim Weight Loss Diet-Plan

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TAIslim Creates a $52,400 Increase in Sales in Just 3 Weeks.

February 21st, 2009

Marketer shows a $50,000 increase in sales in just 3 weeks with revolutionary new product that solves a huge problem effecting 80% of Americans. That my friend offers an opportunity perhaps like none other.

If that headline was written about you would that interest you. Well that was actually what happened to me in the last 3 weeks of January. I’ve been marketing online for over 13 years and as successful as I’ve been I believe this product has the potential to way out strip all of my past and current successes. (You’ll see why below)

I’m blown away excited and I think when you see the rationale why below you likely will also.

I’m looking for smart marketers or dedicated who would like to greatly profit from a new product that not only is in great demand but also inspires hope and confidence probably better than anything else today especially when you combine it with my level of total excitement, expertise and commitment. I will show you how to make money with this incredible product.

There are some opportunities that simply pay much better than others because you happen to be at the right place at the right time and people are needed – this is one of those times.

In a down economic climate there is one item of value, one commodity that sells better than anything else.
That one commodity is hope and confidence for a brighter future. In fact the products that will be the most profitable in the next several years are those that inspire hope and confidence.

If you want to actually prosper in today’s economic environment I would highly recommend you take a look at this product below.

Well here is what has me as excited as a fox being put in charge of the hen house. A new product was released only 3 weeks ago. What makes this so exciting is how well it’s working.

Here is a product that is exceeding everyone’s expectations. The people using this new product are absolutely ecstatic because it is solving a problem for them they’ve never been able to solve - being overweight.
TAIslim weight loss product
But more than that it’s the way it is working. People are not having to go through impossible lifestyle changes to make this product work for them.

Like going on a bird diet where you can’t eat any real food. You know - no pizza, no dessert, nothing good. The type of diet you can’t maintain so the weight you lose, it just becomes a matter of time before it reappears, only this time it comes back with a cousin & neighbor so to speak.

Also it doesn’t require you spending an hour a day in the gym in order to be effective.

Sure some moderate exercise like walking is only going to help you lose weight faster, but people are losing weight basically just taking this liquid product right before two of their regular meals. Pretty much eating what they have been but with this product they’re finding they don’t eat as much and they’re losing their cravings for snacks during the day and late at night.

As a result they’re losing weight like never before and they don’t feel like they’re killing themselves on some ridiculous diet they can’t maintain.

Sure eliminating certain foods and deserts and doing some moderate walking exercise is only going to speed up their weight loss. But I for example haven’t cut out all deserts and I’m still losing weight. More than weight though, people are losing inches off their waist. This product is simply incredible.

Take a look at it on the following webpage:

Obviously a product that works this well comes with an unprecedented lucrative opportunity because of the following:

1. In today’s economic and job environment many people are looking for viable opportunities, we can offer them a lifeline.

2. This is brand new -ground floor - January 2009. So you have tremendous timing on your side and without the risk of a startup company.

3. The product has been shown in clinical studies to flat out work. So well in fact it’s Triple Patent Pending.

4. It has a 90 day money back guarantee. This more than anything will get skeptical people willing to try the product.

5. The easiest product to sell is one where a person can see results. With a weight loss product the results certainly get noticed. When people start seeing how well this works they will be coming to you. Thus you don’t have to be any great talker or salesperson.

6. The market for this product is huge, recession proof, and it solves better than any product on the market a problem that affects 80 percent of all Americans.

7. An easy product to get people to try because most overweight people are desperate and thus will try virtually any product they think will work especially with that 90 days mentioned above.

I don’t really know you so I can’t pretend to know what your dreams and goals are, however if you’re anything like many marketers and myself it’s to survive and prosper over the next several years..

I want to leave you with a quote by Walt Disney. And here’s something I bet you hadn’t considered about Walt Disney. When was Walt Disney taking a Dream and building it into the Entertainment Empire that it is today. Maybe you knew this but while it was started in the 1920.’s it was during the great depression in the 1930’s that his first feature movies were produced (Snow White) that launched him into international fame.

Somehow I can’t believe that there are any heights that can’t be scaled by a man who knows the secrets of making dreams come true…… They are curiosity, confidence, courage, and constancy, and the greatest of all is confidence.
Walt Disney

Look at the 27 Reasons to Drink TAIslim for Weight Loss - Click Here!.

I think you’re going to be very impressed with what this TAIslim weight loss product can do.

Also you’ll want to check out the ultimate TAIslim Weight Loss Diet-Plan

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